Thursday, 24 March 2011

Feels wrong to be so angry on such a beautiful day.  Disappointed by the rudeness of people keen to capitalise on one's work and fed up with the incompetence and grabbing, bullying tactics of the Inland Revenue!  Apart from that enjoying the acid asides of my youngest whilst on shopping jaunt after school to Truro which involved a little therapy in Monsoon..

Driving home and ahead and beyond the land is softly golden, monochromatic, the sky melting into the hills in a powdered shimmer.  The bloomy haze fills me with pleasure, summer is coming and the sun dances low on the horizon.  Through the dark tree lined valley the upper reaches of the Fal rise mistily on the left - bright glimpses of wading birds, still and silent in the muddy flats flash by.  I breathe in although I can't smell the cold salt green of water and mud and yearn to stop.

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